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CENCON ATM Cash Vault Security Systems
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 Keeping the world's money moving.


Features & Benefits at a Glance:

 Access Control
A user needs both a One Time Combination and a Smart Key to access the lock.

 One Time Combination

A One Time Combination is dispatched each time access is required to a container controlled by a Cencon lock.
 Smart Key
An encrypted electronic key is used as a personal identifier, programming device or to transfer data between system components.

 Close Seal™

The Close Seal acts as an electronic signature, stamping the date and time showing the lock was locked and secured.
When combined with a connection to an alarm system, entering a special "Duress" Combination will automatically send a silent alarm to your security facility while allowing the service technician entry to the lock. This helps ensure the safety of your personnel and the commodities you protect.
 Bolt Switch
The Cencon lock comes standard with the capability to connect an alarm system to monitor the position of the lock bolt. Upon retraction or extension of the bolt, the signal can arm or disarm the alarm.
 Alarm Shunt Operation
Cencon is compatible with most alarm systems. Entering the correct One Time Combination and presenting the assigned Smart Key deactivates the alarm.
 Audit Trail
The Cencon system records all lock activity, more than 1000 events in some cases, and permits easy downloading of the information via a Smart Key for generating detailed audit reports.
 Easy Retrofit
Cencon has the same footprint as conventional mechanical combination locks, making the retrofit process easy and inexpensive.
 User Friendly Software
Cencon software allows you to control hundreds of containers with no special wiring. The Windows XP/Vista/7 point-and-click interface makes it simple to install and use.
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