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Corkey Access Control >> Model 301
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Mechanical code lock needs no power, fail safe!

Internal Corkey card reader accepts only valid Corkeys.

Protects against unauthorized entry.

Prevents misuse of system or equipment.

World teacher in mechanical card access control systems.
• Case cannot be opened unless valid card inserted due to mechanical interlock feature.
• Mounts directly on surface, or on electrical junction box in wall.
• TriSec™ variable code feature available for instant code changing to 15 other codes from outside the case.
• Can be used in system with other Corkey locks: Model 1,300 series, 400 series, 500 series and 700 series.
• Case has space inside for: Custom designed circuit boards for special uses:
• Alarm Control circuits; or other types of switches or relays.
• Available with switch either alternate action (push card in for "ON" push again for "OFF) or momentary action. Hold in card for either "ON" or "OFF" depending on wiring of switch.
• Uses stainless steel or plastic Corkeys.
  Recommended Applications:
    • Electrical door releases, motorized gates, Alarm systems, industrial machinery, Elevators, energy saving systems.
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