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N B C Detection
Vehicle Scanning
The Gammasonics Automatic Radioactive Detection and Measurement System (ARDMS) detects the presence of radioactive material in a vehicle moving past detector assemblies.
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     AustrolRad Mini 8 in 1
Cargo Scanning
AustrolRad Mini 8 in 1 Is a multi-purpose area monitor/alarm, survey meter and contamination meter for use with external detectors such as pancake probes
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Walk - Thru Radiation Detector
The PRDWD (Passive Radiation Detection Warning Device) will help to stop smuggling of radionuclide products.
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Air & Ground Radiation Detection
R-2 is a mobile radiation response and inspection vehicle to be utilised in emergency at airport terminals
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Food Radiation Monitor
For the detection of Alpha, Beta and Gamma
radiation in food and biological products.
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Hand held Radiation Detector
FRISKY is an ideal Metal and Radiation Search Scanner Device enabling the quick identification and location of radionuclide isotopes
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     AustrolRad Weather
24x7 Radiation Detect & Warning System
The AustralRad Weather is a early detection and warning system in applications were the possibilities of airborne radio nuclides fumes and particles maybe in existence.
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