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Air & Ground Radiation Detection  
Tactical Response and Inspection Unit AustralRad Series MCA  
The fastest response for Radiation Emergency and Inspection in all Terrains and Conditions by Air, Sea or Ground with External GPS

The several detectors included or to be added are connected to the onboard computer giving a precise and real-time identification of any source type hiding in the assessed containers, pallets or boxes. Even in the case that the radiation source has been concealed in a lead container, the two plastic scintillators are sensitive to detect slight changes in the background of the area. Sufficient information from the multi channel analyzer instructs the
computer to analyse changes in the
background. Levels of alarm, time
response, etc are programmable according to the requirement of the client or job.

The powerful onboard computer on the R-2 can control all functions and report making it a true flexible inspection, real-time response and mobile nerve center reporting an identified position provided by the onboard Global Position System (GPS).
The R-2 computer onboard has been specifically designed for Gammasonics with ample room for customisation.
The system runs on standard Windows XP & WinTMCA32 software permitting input of data by touch-screen. The cradle connection is included, when it is mounted on the R-2 vehicle or Helicopter.
Training, preparation of special courses and the service of consultancy in medical, scientific and industrial radiation protection is also available.

Two Versions Available


A : Retrofittable Unit as a Kit , Fully Operational and Tested


B : Fully Integrated into R-2 Mobile Vehicle plus R-2 Accessories.


AustralRad Mini 3-in-1

The inclusion of a survey meter/area monitor to measure the radiation level inside of the vehicle cabin helping personnel to avoid contamination or exposure. The Austral-Rad is a detachable survey meter that by being removed from the cradle can also be attached to the extension rod giving the capability of close proximity, high activity source measurement.

Vehicle tyre decontamination
In the case of tyres being contaminated due to road spill, in the aim of reducing this, the is fitted with 50 litre tank of
decontamination liquid connected to the jet sprays in the front and back tyres.


Storage facility
In the case that radionuclides are found, we have included a radiation safe for the proper and safety manner of storage.

Handheld Fast Neutron and Gamma Nuclide identification
Instant spectrum analysing function of the unit identifies nuclide from its library of more than 70 samples, no matter the radionuclide is shielded or unshielded.

Radionuclide manipulators
For the safe way of handling of radionuclide products.

Radiation Decontamination Kit
For the cleaning, removal and disposal of radiation spills in a safe manner.



• Homeland Security
• Environmental Monitoring
• Geological Mapping
• Study of Mineral Sands & Raw Materials
• Health Physics
• Military
• Mining
• Smelting / Scrap Recycling
• Freight Terminal

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