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Looking for a guest room lock that changes its own code when a new card is used?

No Need for Costly Electronic Locks, the Astounding XTRONIC 2000™ by Corkey Control System Does it at 1/3 the Cost!

But, a handsome, heavy duty proven lockset with full Hotel Lock Function including; privacy lockout, override by Emergency Card and full Masterkeying to your requirements.. PLUS Instant Lockout of LOST Floor Masters.

Each ETONIC 2000 lock contains a specific room code and in addition, accepts a recycle sequence of Guest cards. As each new card is inserted in the lock by a Guest, the lock recognizes the changed code and automatically resets its code to match the new card, locking out previous cards.


Instant Code Changing by Powercards™

Previously only sophisticated and costly electronic computerized locks could change their code when a data card was inserted but as CorKey cards contain sufficient power to directly actuate their locks, the XTRONIC 2000 POWERCARD alone powers and programs the XTRONIC 2000. This makes the XTRONIC 2000 System affordable by All Hotels and Motels. It is excellent for replacing existing locks as installation by hotel staff can take less than 5 minutes a door.

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